Through-hole and SMT capabilities

Phillips Topaz Pick and Place machine. 14,000 placements per hour
BTU Pyramax 98 Lead Free Reflow system
Passaat 406 10 Zone Reflow system
Juki Q460 Selective Soldering system, Lead and Lead free capable
DEK 265LT Fully Automatic Stencil Printer
DEK 248 Semi-Automatic Stencil Printer
Manncorp K-2 Semi-Auto Stencil Printer
Treiber 700B-16 Wave Solder using an aqueous process, Lead capable
AIR_VAC DRS22 Rework Station
A.P.E. SMD-500 SMT Rework Station
Two Hako 485 Rework Stations (Lead and Lead Free)

Full Test Capabilities

In-circuit test: Zehntel 810 In-circuit Tester
Functional test: Customer provided specifications

Certified Instructors for:
IPC-A-610 - visual inspection and acceptance of electronic boards
IPC J-STD – 001 - best practices/soldering requirements of electrical and electronic assemblies

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